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Adjunct Professor of Astronomy at Palomar Community College from Spring semester 2003-8 and MiraCosta College since 2007-8

Adjunct Professor of Astronomy at Indiana University South Bend since Spring semester 2009

Adjunct Professor of Astronomy at Trine University since Summer semester 2010

Palomar College Earth Sciences Department: http://www.palomar.edu/earthscience/

Astronomy Department within Earth Sciences: http://www.palomar.edu/astronomy/


IUSB Ast N190 Powerpoint Overheads for download

Trine University AST203

Lesson 1       

Lesson-2A        Lesson-2B     


Lesson-4A        Lesson-4B        Lesson-4C        Lesson-4D        Lesson-4E





IUSB N190 Life in the Universe (LIU) Powerpoint Overheads for download

LIU-1        LIU-2        LIU-3        LIU-4          

LIU-5 and 6    LIU-7    LIU-8    LIU-9

LIU-10    LIU-11

Trine University AST201

Math Lesson

Organization of the Sky Lesson   

Order and Distance to the Planets

Kepler's Laws and the Moon

Mass of Jupiter Lesson

Spectroscopy Lesson

HR Diagram Lesson

Stellar Evolution Lesson

Venus Transit